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2015 byDesign Diet And Nutrition Seminar

A 60-minute LIVE recorded seminar with 25+ diet and nutrition strategies that work all the time – every time! This is our flagship nutrition seminar. Use this information to change your beliefs, habits, and ultimately – your body!


The Doctor’s #1 Nutrition Strategy: Micronutrition, Healing and Health

A 40-minute webinar by Dr. Burns that is jam packed with the most important things you will ever learn about nutrition. Learn how micronutrient deficiency is affecting you and what steps you can take to overcome it once and for all.


Transform 30: A 30-Day Cleanse and Weight Loss Program

A 30-minute webinar by Dr. Burns that describes a program we use to help a person transform their lifestyle quickly, easily and affordably. Transform 30 is the only “diet” program we endorse in our office.