Where Does Your Body Need Chiropractic The Most?

Where Does Your Body Need Chiropractic The Most?

…knowing this is half the battle.

“Whether we want to admit it or not, we ALL have a spine that needs chiropractic care… the question is… do we know the where, why, and when behind it all?”

This video will explain something we all need to know.

Remember… the more we know about how to take care of our body and our health, the better off we will be.

We know this video will benefit you.

To maximizing your health,

The Doctors & Staff

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NOTE: We need to stop thinking of chiropractic as “back cracking” for back pain. Our spine is literally the pipeline for the brain/body communication system. Chiropractic can be seen as a method for optimizing that system, and should be used accordingly from the beginning to the end of our life.

ADVICE: Find a wellness-based Doctor of Chiropractic for you and your family.

REMEMBER: Our body can heal and self-regulate, given the right conditions. A healthy, well cared for spine is one of those conditions!

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The Empowered Patient Project (part 2)

Do You Know “The Trick” To Mastering Your Health And Thriving In Life?

Things You Never Learn From The Average Doctor Down The Street…

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Lesson #2: The “Trick” To Mastering Your Health

Health and disease is not that complicated. We simply have to refine the way we think about it. This lesson can do just that!

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Remember, Jen and Mary are close sisters who live in Colorado. Jen is the one who is constantly struggling with her health, the idea of aging too fast, and uncertainty about what the future holds for her and her family. Mary is the one who seems to juggle life easily and comfortably, the one who always expresses optimism and certainty about the future for her and her family. Maybe you know someone like Jen and Mary?

Below is another important lesson Mary picked up long ago that changed her forever. In typical fashion, it came from a person she refers to as her health “mentor”. It’s a lesson we all need to hear and share.

The Backstory On Jen And Mary

Part 1

One Day Long Ago…

Mentor: Mary, we have talked about how the body is designed to heal itself and prevent disease, right?

Mary: Yea Doc, a bunch of times.

Mentor: Would you like to learn a little more?

Mary: Sure, why not.

Mentor: Have any of your previous doctors ever talked about this kind of stuff with you?

Mary: (chuckle) Actually, you’re the only doctor that has ever talked about stuff like this with me.

Mentor: Maybe that’s the reason why so many people are sick and tired these days, huh?

Mary: Good point!

Mentor: Let’s talk about something I got from my health mentor, who just so happened to be a chiropractor as well. He taught me that there are two important steps to mastering control of your health. The first, is understanding core principles of health. The second, is applying them daily.

Mary: Basically, being able to talk the talk, and walk the the walk, right?

Mentor: Exactly! So, tell me what we have learned so far together.

Mary: Well, I do believe the body was designed to heal itself. You also taught me that we are designed to live at least 100 years with good health, and that our body is designed to prevent or fight off disease when it’s strong, healthy and capable… and… ummm… (long pause)

Mentor: You can stop there. You already know more about health and disease than 99% of the people out there. Honestly, I am very proud of you – you have been paying attention!

Mary: Sure have.

Mentor: Mary, you get the concept… but, now you need to learn how to actually apply that understanding daily.

Mary: That’s the tricky part right?

Mentor: The “trick” as you call it is having the right mindset or perspective about health. The rest is simple daily habits. There really is no “trick” or magic bullet.

Mary: (groan) I knew you were were going to say that.

Mentor: Remember our first conversation long ago when you came to me for help with headaches and all those other issues we discovered? I talked about getting your body back in balance physically, neurologically, chemically, etc?

Mary: I remember that. You were the first doctor who actually wanted to focus on the cause rather than the symptom.

Mentor: Right, and another takeaway from that conversation should have been this principle… our body can only heal itself and prevent disease WHEN functioning properly.

Mary: Yup, I remember that too.

Mentor: Do you remember what controls all function in your body Mary?

Mary: Duh… the nervous system, which includes the spinal cord that runs through my spine, which is why I come see you. (laughter)

Mentor: (laughter) Now you are just showing off. But seriously, most people don’t understand what you just said. You now know how the nervous system sends messages to all other parts of the body, and when that communication system is optimized, so is your ability to heal and promote health. Conversely, you know that when that system is even slightly compromised, then your health will be compromised, and so will your ability to heal and prevent disease. This is simply how the human body is designed to work, right?

Mary: Yea, I wish someone would have shared that principle with me a little earlier – especially after that whiplash accident in high school I told you about!

Mentor: Exactly! Okay, so let’s package up this idea so you can be on your way today. To maximize bodily function, you want to maximize nervous system function. This is what I mean by “application” or what you referred to as “walking the walk”. I’ll give you my top 6 lifestyle strategies in order of importance and why I do them. Are you ready?

Mary: Ready!

Mentor: Number one: I get my spine checked by a good Chiropractor regularly to make sure it is not causing interference, tension or stress to my brain-body communication system.

Mary: You get adjusted too?

Mentor: Of course I do!

Mary: Can’t you adjust yourself?

Mentor: (laughter) No Mary, that’s impossible. I will explain that later. Let’s get back to the list. Number two: I drink plenty of water everyday because I know that nerves, muscles, organs and glands are designed to be hydrated in order to function properly. Number three: I eat plenty of raw, energy filled foods everyday because I know my body’s design requires daily building blocks to create energy and repair itself. Number four: I supplement my diet with other essential nutrients that I know are low or missing in my diet. Number five: I exercise and stretch almost everyday, even if it’s only 10-15 minutes, because I know my body’s design requires movement to promote health. Number six: I take time everyday to train my brain to see the love and beauty in my life.

Mary: So, it’s all about keeping the body in balance like it’s designed to be, right? Quick question though. Why is love #6 and not #1?

Mentor: (sigh) Oh Mary, you didn’t open last weeks email from me did you?

Mary: Sorry Doc, I won’t lie. I got busy.

Mentor: Don’t be sorry. It’s okay. I send info like this to thousands of people every week. Only a small percentage of them make any us of it, and therefore benefit from it. But, Mary… I want YOU to be one of those people. Last week’s lesson was something you really, really need to hear and learn. Please go back and check it out, okay?

Mary: I will, I promise!

Mentor: Okay, let’s finish this. Remember what’s on the list? That is application. Everything there can be done easily and affordably. But, you can’t get lazy and just do some of the those things some of the time. Said another way, you CAN NOT be a dabbler Mary! It doesn’t work that way. The key to success is consistency. Remember, you simply have get your lifestyle aligned with your design and be consistent about it. If you do, you will find yourself living in a peak state of health like I do. Trust me… it is an awesome place to be!

Mary: Got it Doc. I’ll start working on it.

Mentor: I know you will. Hey, don’t forget to teach your friends and family what you learn here. Remember, their doctors are NOT talking about this stuff with them. Oh, and tell your sister Jen… she really needs to get in here so we can help her too.

Mary: I will Doc. Thanks for the talk. Thanks for everything!

Mentor: You betcha. See you in two weeks for your regular “tune-up”?

Mary: Wouldn’t miss it Doc!


The Conclusion…

  • Our body is only capable of doing what it is designed to do WHEN we take care of it the way it is designed to be cared for.
  • The nervous system is the conduit to healing and health. Maximize nervous system function and you will maximize your ability to heal and prevent disease.

Action Steps…


Per your body’s design requirements, what do you think you need to do more of or less of? EXAMPLES: More stretching and exercise? Less sitting without moving? Improve your ergonomics in the car, bed or at the desk?


Per your body’s design requirements, what do you think you need to consume more of or less of? EXAMPLES: More fruits and vegetables? Less processed foods? More essential fats and minerals? Less sugary beverages or foods? More water?


Are you strategically creating a positive emotional environment? EXAMPLES: More inspirational or relaxing music? Less noise from the news or radio? More prayer and meditation? Less unnecessary confrontation? More “I love you’s” in your day?

Nervous System “Tune-Ups”

Find a wellness based chiropractor. They are the nervous system specialists. Get yourself and your family under their care and supervision. Let them be your guide and health mentor.

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The Empowered Patient Project (part 1)

The 10 Most Valuable Lessons You’ll Never Learn

From Your ‘Average Doctor’ Down The Street… 

Discover What You Really Need To Know,

To Take Control Of Your Health.

Please watch and read ASAP

Lesson #1: The true definition of health & Why we have to put ourselves first

The lessons contained in this series are invaluable and desperately needed. This is an opportunity to learn what our doctors, parents and teachers weren’t able to teach us. Remember, if we don’t take control of our health – something, or somebody else will!

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THE TALE OF TWO SISTERS (a story we all can learn from)

Click here for the backstory on Jen and Mary

Remember, Jen thinks and behaves like most people. She puts everything else in her life above her own needs. As a result, Jen has completely neglected her health over the last several years. She feels old, out of shape, stiff and sore most of the time, unmotivated, and always tired. Her medical doctor is pushing to add another prescription to help with the fatigue and depression. She tells her doctor she just wants to get though the day and feel normal again. She is struggling, and as a result, so is her family and relationships.

Her sister Mary on the other hand, learned a very important lesson long ago. Her ‘mentor’, as she often refers to, taught her: “To be your best at caring for and loving others, you must take care of yourself first.” Since then, she has always carved out time to exercise, sometimes only 5-10 minutes before life calls her back. She has developed daily rituals for prayer and gratitude. Her lifestyle isn’t perfect, but she is always trying to improve how her body functions day to day. Mary is thriving, and as a result, so is her family and relationships.


Food For Thought…

The greatest gift we can ever give to those we love is… making our health a priority, never letting it ‘take a backseat’ to anything.


Health often takes a backseat to many things: kids, family, career, hobbies, deadlines, holidays, etc.

On the surface, this seems benign and harmless. But, could this be an enormous mistake with serious repercussions?

Take family for example…

Our health affects how we interact with those we love. It affects how we give love to others. It affects how long we will be around to love those we care about.

Mary was taught a very important lesson… the healthier a spouse or parent is, the better they can perform in that role.


Mentor: “Mary, why do they tell us to put the airplane oxygen mask on first before helping a child or loved one?

Mary: “Because if we are not alive and capable, we can’t help anyone else?”

Mentor: “Correct! Now, can you see the risk we take when we neglect ourselves in the process of caring for others? It is a far bigger risk than most people give credit to.”

Mary: “I do now! I need to work on that.”


People make sacrifices for others, and that’s a beautiful thing. But, to de-prioritize our own health may be the worst thing we could do for, or to, those we love.

Think about the agony a family member goes through watching their loved one suffer with illness.

Think about the monetary cost of managing a family member’s illness – it’s the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. for goodness sake!

This needs to stop, don’t you think?

The trick, the secret, is to finally understand this…

Our loved ones literally need us to make our health the highest priority.

By doing so, we massively improve our ability to care for them. By doing so, we can be a better example for them.

Look at Mary, she is thriving and happy. Subsequently, so is her family.


  • To continuously upgrade our understanding of health
  • To continuously improve our lifestyle and daily habits
  • To put our health first now so we don’t ‘put them through hell’ later
  • To make our own health a priority so we can love our family in bigger ways for longer

The Conclusion…

Learn and apply the ‘true definition of health’. Make improving health and function (the F-word) a daily priority. The stronger, healthier, wiser and more capable we are… the more we can give, love and live.

Action Steps…

Move Better

Make time for exercise and stretching (even if it’s only 10-15 minutes per day), get outside for a walk or hike, sweat a little because it’s good for you, get out of breathe and challenge yourself, go to your Chiropractor regularly, etc.

Eat Better

Eat at least one salad per day, drink more water, try to reduce your sugar intake a little bit every month, learn how to supplement your diet properly, create a diet and health challenge with a friend of spouse, set small goals and reward yourself, etc.

Think Better

Say a prayer every morning in the shower, listen to something positive while getting ready or on your commute instead of the radio, before arriving at work list out loud 10-20 things you are grateful for, read something inspiring, etc.

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