The Empowered Patient Project (part 4)

Are You 100% Certain You Know How To Promote And Measure Health?

Things You Never Learn From The Average Doctor Down The Street…

Lesson #4: How To Promote & Measure Health With Certainty

Being healthy for 100+ years is possible, IF you know what you are doing!

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The Cliff Notes…

  • We cannot measure health by how we feel because we can have disease and feel no symptoms (heart disease and cancer for example)
  • The quantity and quality of our health is proportional to how well our body is functioning, not how it is feeling
  • The nervous system is responsible for regulating bodily function from head to toe
  • To improve and maintain health we must focus our attention on nervous system function
  • There are many ways to improve or increase nervous system function
  • There are many things that inhibit or decrease nervous system function
  • The quality of our lifestyle massively influences nervous system function
  • We can measure health by measuring the quality of our lifestyle, and its impact on nervous system function
  • This is the key to being proactive about health, rather than reactive to illness and disease
  • Think better, get better, live better!

We are slowly waking up to the fact that the nervous system is the gateway to human performance, health and disease prevention. Understanding how to optimize our body and lifestyle to enhance nervous system function is likely the biggest breakthrough to date in human development.

Action Steps…

  • Use the list below to measure or assess your lifestyle, nervous system, and health.
  • Improve your lifestyle as quickly as possible, and be consistent with those improvements.
  • Continue to upgrade and refine your list indefinitely.


This checklist is a more valuable tool than you may realize. It can tell you why you are not feeling well, functioning well or aging well. It can tell you where to work more diligently on your lifestyle. It can improve your quality of life!

Honestly, how would you score yourself in each category? Would you give yourself an A+, B, or C-? Are you dabbling by doing well some days, but poorly on other days? Is there room for improvement?


Spine and Posture

The research on neurophysiology tells us that the spine massively influences the nervous system that runs through it, as well as brain function itself. A healthy spine will not interfere with nervous system function, while an unhealthy spine can. This is what chiropractors have been saying since 1895. It is no longer a matter of opinion. It is a fact. How healthy is your spine? Do you know where your problems or weaknesses are? How often do you do something to take care of your spine… everyday, or just when it hurts?

Adequate Hydration

The nervous system is a conductive system coordinating electrical signals throughout the body at alarming speeds with amazing precision. A dehydrated body is not an ideal conductive environment. Are you okay with signals flowing at slower than ideal speed to your heart, muscles, organs, etc? Does that sound like a reasonable or healthy way to live?

Nutrient Rich Diet & Effective Supplementation

Nutrients are the building blocks by which the body repairs itself daily. Most people do not have a well balanced, nutrient rich diet. When you become nutrient deficient, you force your nervous system to work harder to compensate for deficiency. Do you think it’s wise to ask the most important system in your body to work overtime decade after decade?

Additionally, the nervous system has to repair itself like any other tissue, organ or gland. A poorly constructed diet, which most people unknowingly do have, will interfere with this process. Do you think this might explain the rise in neurodegenerative disorders?


Yes, diet and supplementation have an effect on biochemistry. But, there are other areas that we can focus on as well: pH levels (acidity), sugar intake, effects of medication, unhealthy chemicals in food and cleaning products, etc. Maybe you have some of the basics covered, but there is always room for more improvement, right? After all, we are talking about the health and integrity of our nervous system… the operating system or power plant of the human body!


Scientists have proven… The nervous system is fed via movement. Said another way, lack of movement literally starves your brain and nervous system of what it needs daily. This is a neurological fact of life. And there is more, abnormal movement is analogous to eating processed food. Again, this is where chiropractic comes in by helping people move better. In essence, we help people ‘better feed their brain and nervous system’ by improving how they move! How cool is that?


Science has proven time and again that mood affects neurology, which in turn effects health. Science is also showing us that physiology drives psychology. One of the best ways to improve your mood is to improve the items listed above. In addition, feeding your mind via positive influences daily is no different than feeding your body good food.


What has just been described is called the Chiropractic Lifestyle. It centers every action around improving nervous system function, which in turn improves health from head to toe.

Do you know of any other profession that has a more logical, comprehensive approach to health?

Get yourself, and your family, under the care of a wellness based Chiropractor. They can do more for you than you can possibly imagine!

What separates the healthy from the unhealthy should not be considered a matter of luck, mystery, or genetics. It is merely a matter of lifestyle choices and nervous system function. Get this, and all else will follow.