chiropractor centennial explains stress reduction technique

AMAZING Stress Reduction Technique

Top 3 Reasons Why This Is So Important:

  1. We all have stress in our lives.
  2. Scientists have proven that excess stress promotes dis-ease.
  3. Our ability to manage stress determines our level of health and happiness.

chiropractor centennial explains stress reduction technique

“To live our best life we must learn to minimize and manage stress in our life.” – Dr. Burns

With that being said, do you have a super effective strategy for quickly reducing stress anywhere, anytime? Most people do NOT. Would you like to learn and try one of our favorite techniques?

If so, please read on…

Neuroscientists have stated that gratitude acts like a natural “cure” for things like anxiety, depression, and anger. Said another way, it is hard for our mind or brain to be thankful and stressed out at the same time.

Look At It This Way:

  • When we are chronically stressed, our neurology and biochemistry will shift to promote dis-ease.
  • When we are positive and thankful, our neurology and biochemistry will shift to promote wellness.

Unfortunately, too many people nowadays are trying an “outside-in approach” to managing stress and other health related issues. We shovel medications into our mouths or expect someone or something else to fix our stuff (cuss word intentionally withheld).

Truth is this…

Nothing has more potential or promise than a natural side effect free “inside-out approach” to health and wellness. (like chiropractic care)

A Stress Reduction Technique That Works!

This DIY stress reduction technique is quick, easy and remarkably effective. We call it “The 5 Things You Are Thankful For Technique”.

All we have to do is take a moment and name 5 things we are thankful for.

Too simple? Definitely not. Simplicity is the key ingredient here.

This technique is designed to help us escape a stressful mental state in order to upgrade ourselves to a more positive, more productive mental state. You may be surprised by how well this works, especially when done right and don’t often.

Our Top 7 Suggestions For Maximized Results:

  1. Speaking aloud enhances the outcome. Science proves this.
  2. The more you mean it and feel it, the better the effects will be.
  3. Perform with a partner if possible. Take turns and smile at each other.
  4. Perform when stressed. Better yet, perform daily (upon waking, before eating, etc.)
  5. Teach your children, friends and family members to do this.
  6. Do this at your friends & family gatherings. The positive vibes will be palpable. They will love it.
  7. EXTRA CREDIT: name 5-10 things your are grateful for and explain WHY you are grateful for them.

“At first I thought this was a little silly, and sometimes it’s not something you want to do. But, once you do it and immediately notice a difference… you just want to do it more often.” – Dr. Burns

This is not something we should only do at Thanksgiving. This is something that should become a personal and/or family ritual. After all, healthy habits like this form the foundation that our future well-being will be built upon, right?

Last Few Suggestions…

Every time you do this, remember that you are minimizing stress on your nervous system and maximizing your potential for health. Share this with friends and family. Tell them that your Chiropractor taught you this – and that, they too should be seeing a Chiropractor as well.


Dr. Burns sharing more tips on this!

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