Community & Corporate Outreach Programs

Our wellness facility is dedicated to making our community stronger, healthier, and more productive. We do this by bringing awareness and resources to where it is needed.

Unfortunately, our society has been conditioned to be reactive instead of proactive. We are conditioned to have a “good enough is good enough” attitude. When in fact we should be inspired and empowered to be proactive. We should be encouraged to “make our best even better” by maximizing our ability to perform at higher levels at work, at home, or in life in general.

Good news… this is exactly what our Community & Corporate Outreach Programs are designed to do!

We would love to talk with you about how we could help your group or company MAXIMIZE it’s potential and performance.

Please check out a sampling of our program offerings below.

Feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss how we can help (contact form at the bottom of this page).

Our Most Popular Programs

  • Stress Free Day At Work
  • Employee Appreciation Day
  • Lunch & Learns

All of our programs and events are completely customizable based on the needs and interests of the group or company, i.e. date, time frame, topic, content, etc. We can event host the event in our office for you if need be. Our outreach programs are perfect for companies of all sizes, for groups that gather  regularly (community groups, sports groups, men’s groups, women’s, parenting groups, support groups, church groups, etc.)

More About Our Stress Free Day At Work & Employee Appreciation Day Events

chiropractor centennial chair massage

These events are designed to treat members of a group or company to a stress free day or appreciation day. The goal of which is to improve group morale and performance.

Unfortunately, we are not taught how to manage daily stressors very well… the chemical, physical, emotional stressors that make our day harder and less productive. Fortunately for our community, we are experts when it comes to this. We offer on-site chair massage and expert coaching on minimizing these stressors in our day and life.

Participants will exit this event happier, more optimistic and focused, with less stress and a far greater capacity for managing stress in the future. These events are often jam packed with advice, tips, and lifestyle hacks that can benefit anyone and everyone. Our guaranteed result is increased potential and performance.

Oh, and did we mention we offer complimentary massage at these events? (optional of course)

Every group or company can benefit from this type of event, don’t you think? Let’s talk about how this could benefit you… by using the form below.

Popular Topics We Often Address:

  • Energy & Lifestyle Mastery:  how to have more energy by improving our lifestyle habits
  • Lifestyle Stress Mastery:  how to minimize lifestyle stressors to maximize health & performance
  • Productivity Mastery:  how to 10x your productivity throughout the day
  • Ergonomics Mastery:  how to optimize our ergonomics at the highest level
  • Interpersonal Mastery:  how to interact with others in a more productive way

More About Our Ergonomic, Wellness, Lunch and Learn Events

chiropractor centennial lunch and learn

This event is often performed during a lunch hour, after hours, or at the discretion of a group leader. It is designed to empower an audience with a new perspective, and more importantly new skills, as it may pertain to a particular area of wellness and performance.

Unfortunately, many people never receive the advice and skills they need to perform at their best in life. Truth is, our medical and educational systems are lacking in this area. This is where we come in and “fill the gap”.

Simply put, we bring knowledge and resources to those that need it. We equip others with an improved ability to prevent or overcome common health conditions. We help others maximize their psychological and/or physiological performance in life.

Every group or company can benefit from this type of event, don’t you think? Let’s talk about how this could benefit you… by using the form below.

Popular Performance Enhancement Topics:

  • Aging Optimally
  • Sleeping Better
  • Time & Productivity Management
  • Teamwork & Leadership
  • Optimizing Brain Function
  • Minimizing Fatigue, Maximizing Energy
  • Improving Our Ergonomics Like A Pro
  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Work Performance Enhancement
  • Simple Stretching Routines That Work
  • Simple Exercise Routines That Work
  • Raising Super Healthy Kids

Popular Condition Specific Topics:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Alzheimer’s & dementia
  • Back & neck pain
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Allergies & Asthma
  • Weight Loss and Metabolism

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