To answer this question, we should consider the impact chiropractic may have on heart health. Then, we can ask ourselves… 

  • Can chiropractic naturally improve a heart condition?
  • Is chiropractic necessary to preventing heart problems in the first place?

Given that heart disease is at an all time high, please share this valuable information with our friends and family.

What Is The Connection Between Chiropractic And Our Heart?

Our heart and blood vessels are literally connected to our central nervous system by millions of tiny connections. Our nerve system is like our body’s operating system, or our body’s power plant. It extends from our brain to our feet inside a “main channel” called the spinal column. This design creates what is known as the brain-body communication system.

One major connection is the vagus nerve and the autonomic nerve system. These nerve connections control heart rate and blood pressure, which are essential to heart health.

Keeping these channels and connections operating properly is critical to preventing and/or overcoming a heart problem, don’t you think? Since chiropractic positively influences these nerves, its benefits are more valuable than we ever thought.

What Are The Heart Health Benefits Of Chiropractic?

There are at least four proven ways chiropractic care is related to heart health:

  • Lowers blood pressure – studies show a significant improvement in blood pressure when chiropractors adjust the first vertebra, called the Atlas (1)
  • Improves nerve function of the heart – this is called the autonomic tone (the state of tension within the nerve system), and it impacts the heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, bladder, sex organs and just about every other part of the body (2)
  • Decreases blood markers of inflammation – the more inflammation we have the greater our risk of cardiovascular events… conversely, decreasing inflammation improves our ability to prevent or recover from disease (3)
  • Improves heart rate variability – the more your heart rate bounces around as it should, the better your heart can function as it was designed to(4)

Can You See The Connection Now?

Can you imagine how common childhood injuries, playing sports, even seemingly minor accidents can affect our spine, our nerves, our heart? Can you see how even slight disturbances in the nerve channels and connections could initiate a problem or prevent a problem from resolving?

What Makes More Sense To You?

To rely on medication to manage these conditions for a lifetime or to remove these disturbances? To ignore disruptions in the channels and connections between our brain and our body, or keep them well cared for with chiropractic?

Sadly, many doctors today do not realize how important this information is. But, now you do.

Thankfully, a wellness-based Doctor of Chiropractic does as well.

One Last Piece Of Advice?

Get the people you care about (especially the little ones) involved with a wellness-based Doctor of Chiropractic. They can do things for us and teach us things that nobody else can.

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