Chiropractor in Centennial helps nerve problems

Chiropractor in Centennial helps nerve problemsWhat Do We Need To Know About The Circuit Breakers In Our Body?

If the circuitry in your house or automobile were to become dysfunctional, would you be concerned?

What would you expect to happen if it did? Things would simply no longer function properly, right? And, if left uncorrected, would lead to progressive problems and concerns down the road, yes?

What if we told you that your body is subject to a similar principle… would you want to know more? Of course you would.Chiropractor in Centennial nerve problems

What If You Believed The Following To be True?

  • Our spine/brain/nerve system is like the main circuit panel for our body
  • Spinal subluxations (abnormalities) are like a flipped circuit breaker 
  • Alterations in the circuitry will always cause things to work improperly
  • If things are not working properly, the first place to check is the main circuit panel
  • To keep things working properly, we must keep the circuit panel operating properly

Maybe An Example Will Help?

brain controls thyroid, brain sends signals down through spine conduit, spinal circuit breaker to thyroid becomes compromised, electrical flow to thyroid becomes compromised, thyroid starts to become dysfunctional, person begins having symptoms, person is put on medication for symptoms, person never addresses the root cause and their body is never allowed to function properly. This logic (or lack thereof) could apply to any piece or part of our body, yes?

See how cool and interesting the Circuit Breaker Analogy actually is? Can you see how your spine/nerve system can literally influence any piece or part of your body? Can you see how important spinal hygiene is to maintaining health and preventing dysfunction or disease? 

Keeping the circuit breakers (spine-nerve connections) in my body in the on or open position is one of the main reasons why I will use chiropractic for the rest of my life. We must keep our ‘power turned on’ by keeping our brain and body fully connected.”

One More Thing We Need To Know…

Unlike our home or automobile, we can have a circuit breaker problem in our body and not even know it. We can have a circuit breaker problem for years and not have any symptoms at all.

In fact, we are starting to realize that we begin developing these problems when we are young. This is when we play hard and fall a lot. Sprinkle in a few seemingly minor car accidents and/or slips and falls, and there you have it… circuit breaker problems that most other health care providers miss or misdiagnose as something else.

What Is The Conclusion Here?

The Circuit Breaker Analogy easily explains how health and disease is connected to the health of our spine and nerve system. Is this not a great reason to keep our spine healthy with chiropractic for the rest of our life? Is this not a good reason to make sure every man, woman, and child you know be under the care of a good wellness-based Doctor of Chiropractic?

We think so, and we hope you do too.

Please tell everyone you know about what you just learned, okay? Please and thank you.

Chiropractor in Centennial describes nerve problems