If our nerve system IS LIKE a vast electrical network carrying signals (impulses and energy) from one place in our body to another…

If our skull and spine act LIKE the framework for this network…

We must ask ourselves…

nerve interference chiropractor centennial

How well do we want our nerves to transmit important signals from our brain to our body, and from our body to our brain?

  1. ideally 100% of normal
  2. 60-80% or so is good enough
  3. 50% or less should do

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Ever feel “unplugged” from your body’s electrical system? Maybe you should get checked for nerve interference. Maybe we all should!


First Of All, Is Nerve Interference Real?

One of the core principles of chiropractic is that spinal dysfunction irritates the nerves of the body… nerve irritation leads to nerve interference… nerve interference leads to a state of dis-ease that promotes disease (when we say spinal dysfunction, we mean errors in the normal movement or alignment of spinal bones). Sounds logical, right?

How Does Nerve Interference Occur?

Studies show that the weight of a dime is all the pressure it takes to decrease the function of a nerve by 60%. Studies also reveal that a 6% stretch of the nerve decreases its function by up to 70%. This tells us that it doesn’t take much pressure or pulling on the nerve to severely interfere with its ability to function properly or to transmit nerve energy to all the pieces and parts of the body below the brain.

Worse yet, only about 10% of the nerve can sense pain or alert the brain to the problem. The other 90% of the nerve is too busy sending signals to organs, muscles, glands, cells, etc. Basically, nerve interference can easily exist without any symptoms whatsoever (and yes, in kids and infants as well). Good news is… when the stretch or pressure is removed, the nerves return to normal firing.

Knowing this, should we all be getting routine checkups with a wellness based Doctor of Chiropractic? Why wouldn’t we?!!

Why Does This Matter?

Because trillions of nerve messages regularly flow through our nervous system to coordinate and control every function in our body! Uncoordinated or reduced nerve function over time results in a lowered state of health or dis-ease.

How Does Nerve Interference Occur?

Improper posture and poor joint function cause pressure within and stretching of the spinal cord and nerves. This dysfunction in posture and movement of the spine is what chiropractors call a subluxation. It can happen many ways, from slips and falls to rough housing as a kid, from playing sports and minor accidents to bad ergonomics and repetitive motions at work. The point is… every man, woman and child should at least be checked for subluxation and nerve interference.

What Does All This Mean?

It means that the 100+ year old concept of nerve interference postulated by the founders of chiropractic science is very real. It affects the health of millions every day (most of whom aren’t even aware of it). Chiropractic checkups are more important than we know. It certainly means that a well-cared for spine and nerve system is essential to maintaining bodily function and optimal health during our lifetime. 

So, Let’s Ask Ourselves…

Can chiropractic MINIMIZE nerve interference and thereby MAXIMIZE the flow of nerve energy throughout our body? And, is this something every man, woman and child can benefit from?

The Answer To The MAIN Question…

Of course we want our nerve signals and nerve energy to flow at or near 100% capacity. This is why we proactively go to the chiropractor to have BOTH our spine and our nerve system routinely checked, and adjusted or tuned-up as needed.  It just makes sense, right?!

Dr. Burns reveals the Circuit Breaker Analogy (wow!)


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