Video demo by Dr. Burns of Burst Training on a Treadmill

Alternatives:  elliptical, stair climber, outside, etc.


The Workout:  Burst Training Workout on Treadmill

The Details:  8 Rounds of Bursting

  • 20 second burst at 90% maximum effort
  • 20 seconds rest
  • 3 minutes warm up, 1 minute cool down

The Time Commitment:  Less than 10 minutes

The Result:  increased HGH levels, improved physiology, enhanced metabolism all day long, maximized health

Suggestions for Beginners

One of the best ways to perform Burst Training on cardio equipment is to use the elliptical machine or stationary bike. It is even easier to go from all out effort to the resting phase of each round, especially on the stationary bike.

Another suggestion is to run outside (or jog quickly for some). Set your interval timer to 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off. Go as fast you can for the burst interval, walk or stand for the rest interval.

Don’t Be Fooled

This workout is harder than you think. Remember, its not about how many calories you can burn while working out. Instead, the secret is to shock your body into a fat/calorie burning state for several hours after the Burst Training is complete.

Don’t Be Intimidated

At least try this type of workout. If you are timid start out slow, but move faster and more vigorously than you normally would. After all, its only 10 minutes. Just make sure you are winded by the ned of the workout. If you can at least do this, then job well done!

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