SuperFast Lower Body Workout #2 – With a Twist!

Video demo by Dr. Burns of a byDESIGN Fitness Workout (14-minute lower body)



The Workout: byDESIGN Burst Training Workout for Legs and Lower Body (with upper body added for increased difficulty)

The Details: 6 Exercises, 3 Rounds Each (unilateral exercises = 2 rounds per leg)

  • 20 second burst at 90-100% maximum effort
  • 20 seconds rest

The Exercises:

  • thrusters (with or without weights)
  • reverse lunge (with or without bicep curl)
  • 3-way calf raise
  • plie squat (with or without weighted front raise)
  • good mornings (hamstrings and back)
  • 80/20 air squats (80% body weight on one leg, 20% on other)

The Time Commitment: 14 minutes plus warm up and cool down stretching

The Result: increased HGH levels, improved physiology, enhanced metabolism all day long, maximized health

Suggestions for Beginners

One of the best ways to perform the byDESIGN Burst Training program for the first time is to just take it slow and follow along. Get a feel for it. The next time, increase the intensity and speed of the movements. Advance from there.

This workout is harder than you think. But, it can also be adjusted to be much easier than observed above.

Just give it a try!

Bad Knees or Hips?

There are so many exercises to choose from. Ask your doctor, a fitness expert or “Uncle Google” about substitution exercises if you find one too difficult or painful.

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