Home Care – Basic Neck Stretches


Discover the Doctor’s Personal Home Care Strategy For Improving or Maintaining Flexibility in the Neck and Shoulders

I see people everyday with excess tension in the neck and shoulders. Trust me, it’s something you don’t want to grow old with!

How to Use the Backnobber Video

I have used the backnobber consistently for the last 14 years. Learn to use it properly… and it will become your best friend!

Suggestions and Ideas:

  • When actively trying to improve a neck condition, the backnobber should be used as instructed (approx. 1-3 times/daily).
  • When maintaining flexibility and health in the upper body the backnobber should be used as needed (1-3/wk)
  • Your technique and results will get better the more the backnobber is used, so keep practicing.
  • Keep the backnobber close for increased use. The closet is a bad idea! We suggest the couch or kitchen table.

Need a Backnobber?

Ask a member of our staff. We have them available in the office at an affordable price. Also available on Amazon.


Basic Neck Stretch Video

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