Do Not Read This If:  You Enjoy Being Stiff and Sore, You Think Arthritis is Cool, You Look Forward to a Future of Neurosurgical Consults and Pain Meds.

If however, you are the type of person that believes in being proactive about your health and being at your best… then this is perfect for you!!

Turn your speakers up now

“Spinal traction is a stretch unlike anything else you will ever know. It is by far the BEST self-care tool for combating that which is the main cause of stiffness, pain, joint arthritis and spinal disc problems. Don’t become that girl or guy that lives with stiffness and soreness, or worse yet, is forced to give up doing what they love because their body gave out from neglect. Use this tool correctly, consistently, and only while under the supervision of a well-trained chiropractor. You will be happy you did!”

– Dr. Craig Burns, Maximized Health Chiropractic


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