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This Seminar Will Change Your Beliefs, Your Diet, And Your Body!

LIVE recorded seminar by Dr. Craig Burns

There is tremendous potential for improvement when you learn to master the fundamentals of diet and nutrition. Unfortunately, most people are lost and confused. After watching this – you won’t be one of them! 

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IMPORTANT: Proper nerve flow to all the major elements of the digestive system is critical. Chiropractic plays an essential role in maximizing the benefits of a well designed diet. Stay well adjusted, and ask your Doctor of Chiropractic for ongoing advice about diet and nutrition. They can help you more than you can imagine!

Our Step-By-Step Transform 30 System For Losing Weight And Dramatically Improving How Your Body Looks And Feels!

LIVE 2015 Seminar Recording

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Does Our Transform 30 Weight Loss Program Really Work?

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David had tried a number of popular ‘fad’ diets over the years, but his weight loss obstacle finally met its match when we introduced his body to our Transform 30 Program. Best part about his story is his new-found confidence to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.  – Dr. Burns

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The Doctor’s #1 Strategy For Starting The Day Perfectly!

Dr. Burns Describes His #1 Nutritional Strategy For Starting The Day Properly.

Too many people sabotage their day by NOT ‘starting off on the right foot’ nutritionally. Think about it, our body is like a machine. The machine requires proper input for optimal output. Said another way, a crappy breakfast strategy is a setup for a crappy day. 

Cliff Notes

The quality of our breakfast strategy sets the tone for our entire day

Problems with energy, weight loss, mood, metabolism, etc. can be improved with a better breakfast strategy

Don’t cheat yourself with a cheap, incomplete, or sugar/chemical laden breakfast

Never skip breakfast – ever!

Always drink plenty of water first thing in the morning with breakfast

A quick, complete, affordable solution does exist

Copy our strategy to make your life easier, and your body healthier, more info here

What We Like, And Where We Get It:

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Discover Why Micronutrient Deficiency Is The Hottest Topic In The Field Of Nutrition, And Why You Need To “Get In The Know” ASAP!

Also, Discover Why Your Multi-Vitamin Is A Waste Of Money!


recorded webinar by Dr. Craig Burns

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Discover How Transform 30 Can Help You Look Better and Feel Better Than You Have in Years… You Deserve It!

Let Us Help You Transform Your Lifestyle With Transform 30!


Webinar by Dr. Craig Burns, DC

This is the only “diet” program I currently endorse. It can help you get the results you really want because it is designed to give your body what it really needs!

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Honestly, Are You Eating 9 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Every Single Day? Not Likely, Right? No Problem, We Have A Solution!

Watch This Short Video To Learn More.

“This is the simplest, most effective solution I have ever seen when it comes to making sure you are getting the right kind/amount of nutrients every single day. It’s affordable, it’s easy, it’s not messy or time consuming. Just do it, you won’t be disappointed!”

-Dr. Burns

Cliff Notes:

Most people do NOT consume enough fruit and vegetable nutrients every day as they should

As a result, most people slowly become nutrient deficient over time and don’t even feel it happening

Chronic nutrient deficiency creates dysfunctional physiology and disease conditions

Juicing is expensive and time consuming, which is why most people can not do it daily

Commercial multivitamins are NOT a viable solution for this type of problem

Soil depletion and demineralization is making it increasingly difficult to remain nutrient rich and healthy

Whole food supplement from a credible source like Juice Plus is the BEST solution (more info here)

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Bridging The Gap Between What You Should Be Getting From Food Everyday, And What You Are Actually Getting.

Juice Plus Is The Best Solution You Will Ever Find!

“This is the simplest, most effective nutritional solution I know of. It has improved the health of my family so much, I can’t help but tell others… Just do it, you won’t be disappointed!”

-Dr. Burns

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Do You Know Your Child is at Risk For Nutritional Deficiency? Discover a Remarkable Solution to Making Sure Your Child Remains Nutritionally Balanced and Outrageously Healthy.

Watch This Short Video To Learn More.

“With all the research and experience I have, I can say with certainty, getting a child on JuicePlus is the best nutritional decision a parent will likely ever make.”

-Dr. Burns

What Do Moms Think Of JuidePlus?

“Juice Plus has changed our lives for the better! Even my husband, who was skeptical at first, loves it! I have two children that are in preschool (ages 3 and 5 yrs old). For the past two years now, during the school year, we have consistently gotten sick an average of once a month (usually with colds that the kids bring home from preschool). Two weeks out of the month we were healthy and the other 2 weeks we were sick. It was horrible! However, ever since we started Juice Plus, we haven’t been sick once! We are all much more productive because of it. And as a busy mom, I have noticed that I have more energy and am less tired during the day. Juice Plus is amazing! I highly recommend it!”
– Angela B.  Littleton, Colorado

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Key Questions:

  • Do you feel like something is missing in your nutrition/supplement program?
  • Do you feel like your body may be missing a few key ingredients? What about your kids?
  • Do you feel like you could FUNCTION & FEEL better than you do now?

These are very common thoughts and concerns – and they should be! After all, nutritional health is at an all time low for adults and kids alike. Therefore, supplements ARE now a necessity to optimal aging and health. The sooner we accept this, the better.

Let’s face it, getting all the essential nutrients from fruits and veggies is nearly impossible these days. So, what do you do, just give up?

We can help you figure this out. Truthfully, one simple supplement (it’s affordable too) can make a huge difference in how you look, feel, and age.

*** And, we can show you how to help a child get FREE supplements for up to 4 years!

Going the Extra Mile For Our Maximized Health Family

We are launching a Personal Supplement Coaching Program. Julie, our resident nutrtitional expert, will be scheduling FREE 15 minute consultations to review any supplement program you may have. Don’t have a supplement program? That’s okay, we can help you too. Don’t think you need a supplement program? Then you really need our help! :)

We realize people are very confused about supplements, and either:

  • Not taking any supplements at all, becoming nutritionally deficient with each passing year, or
  • Taking the wrong supplements, wasting money, and going nowhere with their health

In either case, we all need a supplement program in order to Maximize our health. The only question that remains is, WHERE DO I START?

First, call or email Julie ASAP (this is a first come, first serve program). Let her know that you are interested, and have questions. Her email is You can call her directly at 303.462.4476, leave a message if you have to.

This Coaching Program is FREE for this week only.

Don’t procrastinate. This is a great opportunity, and we expect a huge response from our practice members.

Truth is, you are not going to find expert advice like this elsewhere – we guarantee that! And, certainly not for free.

HINT: When people like us believe in something so passionately that we offer our time for FREE… it’s a good idea to at least see what the buzz is about, don’t you think? :)

We care about every single member of our practice. We believe you deserve to be outrageously healthy, and we can show you how!

Claim your FREE supplment consultation before time runs out, or all spots are taken.

Call or email now!

Don’t forget to mention the FREE supplement consultation offer that you saw here.

P.S.  If you are a parent, you NEED to ask us about the free 4-year children’s supplement program. This is without a doubt, worth looking into!

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Discover What Is Causing Nutritional Deficiency and Disease Like Never Before And What You Can Do To Protect Yourself And Your Family.

If there is one thing we see consistently nowadays, its nutritional deficiency. It’s not really a question of IF you have it, but more a question of how bad and how long.

Alarming fact:  we need to eat at least 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day to get the nutrients responsible to sustain healing and health.

Depressing fact:  Most people don’t come anywhere close to consuming the recommended amount and over time nutritional deficiency sets in.

The situation:  a nationwide nutritional debt that dwarfs our nation’s financial debt.

The outcome:  society as a whole, and people like you, become increasingly deficient with each passing year.

The solution:  a Maximized Health supplement strategy that anyone can afford and commit to, thereby correcting nutritional deficiency and preventing disease.

You’ve heard it all your life:  “Eat more fruits and vegetables.” Now, medical science is telling you, too. But, knowing is easy. It’s doing it that’s hard. People often turn to vitamins and other nutritional supplements to improve their diets. Unfortunately, vitamins alone CANNOT replicate the thousands of different nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables.

You see, Americans don’t suffer from a vitamin deficiency; we suffer from a whole food deficiency. And this deficiency affects the young and old alike.

Experts agree:  the best way to reduce your risk of disease is to eat healthier. Almost every day, another piece of research or another news story touts the importance of our dietary choices — especially the benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables.

Whether it’s a new vitamin, an antioxidant, or some other phytonutrients not yet “discovered” by science, fruits and vegetables contain an unparalleled array of nutritional elements that offer numerous health benefits for our bodies. And, the thousands of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables work together in ways that science is just beginning to explore.

The message is clear:  we need more of the healthful whole food nutrition of fruits and vegetables in our diets, every day. It’s the one thing everyone agrees we can do to improve our health and reduce our risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Stop wasting money:  Did you know that most supplements are worthless, and give you a false sense of security?

“I know people that don’t believe in taking supplements. I also know people that take handfuls a day. I believe they are both wrong!” –Dr. Burns

Our best suggestion:  Juice Plus+® is a simple, convenient, and inexpensive way to add more nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet, every day. Taking Juice Plus+® is the next best thing to eating fruits and vegetables. Of course, there is no substitute for eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. But, because most people simply can’t, don’t, or won’t… Juice Plus+ helps fill that gap.

Take the next step:  Ask Julie, our resident nutritional guru, about Juice Plus+®.  Ask about how effective and affordable it is. Ask about how to get free supplements for your kids. Ask her to assess your current supplement regime. Ask her for advice.

Nutritional deficiency is a serious matter. It really is a health vs. disease situation affecting us all.

Choose to be educated and proactive.  Choose to ask us about Juice Plus+®.  Choose to live a better life!

For questions or help ordering Juice Plus+®, please call or email us. We can help you!

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