All jobs and all forms of work produce neck tension. If left unchecked, things can get really bad with time.

You know the elderly individual in your family or neighborhood that cannot turn their head without turning their whole body? That could have been prevented if they did what we are about to show you.

Please enjoy these 2 videos and share this page with others.

Do This Neck Stretch On A Regular Basis. It Will Help!

Do this regluarly (or daily).

You will be surprised by how good it feels!

No, this does not replace the need for a chiropractic adjustment. Yes, this should be done in between your visits to the chiropractor.

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“Taking care of our neck is one of the most important things we can do. It’s even more important than brushing our teeth!”

Suggestions and Ideas:

  • Do Spinal Flow 4-7 days per week
  • Do not force any position or stretch
  • Time your breathing (exhale as you stretch)
  • Never stretch dehydrated
  • Consistency is key

Who Can We Share This With Right Now?

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Coworkers
  • Church members

Sharing is caring. Together we can improve our families & communites

If Work-Related Stress Is Worse Than Smoking, What Else Do We Need To Know?

“The muscle and joint problems that come from work-related stress in the neck is just the beginning. It’s the spinal nerve problems we need to worry about.”

Many of us are more stiff and sore than we would prefer to be. Many of us are allowing tension accumulation to fast track how our body is aging.

All of us would like to avoid a future of pain, immobility or even disability… right?

All of us want to stay loose, pain-free, and active for the rest of lives… right?

Good news! It is possible if we are smart and proactive when it comes to caring for our body.

With the right guidance and advice, it can be quick and easy.

We can do it!

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