Upper Back & Shoulder Stretch

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Stiff Upper Back and Shoulders?

Learn How We Care For This Area, Prevent Abnormal Aging, And Support Our Chiropractic Treatment From Home.

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Just in case you are wondering…

Here are 8 reasons WHY you should do this stretch: (our favorite is #8)

  1. Life is better without chronic muscle tension
  2. It’s easier to enjoy work and play when your body is moving properly
  3. To prevent injuries associated with work, sport, and life in general
  4. To prevent breathing and pulmonary disorders associated with rib cage tension
  5. To prevent arthritic buildup in the mid back and shoulders
  6. To prevent nerve irritation to organs from nerves exiting that area
  7. To prevent disc decay and degeneration in the mid back
  8. To make your chiropractor’s job easier by stretching properly between visits