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What if there were quick and simple things we all could do at work to counter balance the negative effects of our work?

Good news – there is!

We made 3 simple videos that are jam packed with some of our best advice.

Why Is Managing Work-Related Stress A Big Deal?

Work-related stress (our daily positions & movements) determines how we feel, how our body ages, and ultimately influences our health in a very BIG way.

These seemingly insignificant positions and movements pack tension and stress into our spine and our body. Like water on a rock… over time they will wear our body down, if not managed properly.

So, here is some valuable advice on how to better manage this form of stress.

Do This To Better Manage Upper Body Work-Related Stress

In addition to visiting a Chiropractor regularly, learning to manage work-related stress is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

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We have helped countless individuals overcome all types of problems with advice like this.

We share this info freely with our community because we care. We hope you will pay it forward by sharing it freely with your friends and family.

Together, we can create better bodies and better futures.

Do This To Better Manage Lower Body Work-Related Stress

Little habits done consistently will either make us or break us. Let’s minimize the bad ones and maximize the good ones, yes?

As Chiropractors, we see the ugly ramifications of unmanaged work related stress. People feeling sick and tired or sore and stiff all the time. Headaches, neck and back pain, numbness and tingling, extremity pain and stiffness, etc.

We are hear to tell you… it dosen’t have to be that way.

With the right help and advice, we all can get better and stay better.

This is our message of hope and inspiration. We hope you hear it loud and clear. We hope you spread this message far and wide.

BONUS VIDEO: How Our Habits Are Killing Us Slowly, And What We Can Do About It.

We don’t need more prescriptions. We need more doctors helping more people with advice like this, don’t you think?

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Low Back Stretch For Work-Related Stress

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Chiropractor Centennial

Do You Know How Many Nerve Branches You Have, And Why It’s Important…

The More Your Know, The Better!

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We aren’t taught this, but the more a person knows about how their spine interfaces with their nervous system the better off they will be. Keeping the nerve channels open and flowing freely is critical to health and healing!

Our Blueprint For A Healthy Spine:

  1. Proper alignment
  2. Full and symmetrical movement
  3. Routine chiropractic checkups, and tune-ups as needed

NOTE: We need to stop thinking of chiropractic as “back cracking” for back pain. Our spine is literally the pipeline for the brain/body communication system. Chiropractic can be seen as a method for optimizing that system, and should be used accordingly from the beginning to the end of our life.

ADVICE: Find a wellness-based Doctor of Chiropractic for you and your family.

REMEMBER: Our body can heal and self-regulate, given the right conditions. A healthy, well cared for spine is one of those conditions!

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Dental Hygiene, Spinal Cavities and Nursing Homes

How to leverage your understanding of dental hygiene to advance your potential for wellness and longevity.


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Cliff Notes

*** Bonus points to the people who can read to the very end!

Everyone understands dental hygiene

Most people have daily hygiene habits and a dental hygiene program

There are benefits to having one, and consequences to not having one

Society accepts this as “the norm” and therefore benefits

Few people understand spinal hygiene

Most people do not have daily hygiene habits or a spinal hygiene program

There are benefits to having one, and consequences to not having one

Society has yet to accept this as “the norm” and therefore suffers

The principle and practice of spinal hygiene should be of no less value than that of dental hygiene

The health conscious individual has a Chiropractor just like they have a dentist

They encourage their family to adopt this line of thinking, and act accordingly

They do not wait for problems to arise, they act proactively to prevent them

If a problem arises, they address it quickly to prevent further damage

They do not have unrealistic expectations of the Doctor or their body

They understand cause and effect

They understand the consequences of abuse and neglect

They understand the importance of the Doctor’s role

They understand the importance of their role outside of the office

They think and behave in uncommon fashion, and because of this

They are rewarded with uncommon health and longevity

They live a better life!!

Action Steps

Don’t have a chiropractor? Go find one ASAP!

Haven’t been in awhile? Get your butt back in there!

Haven’t taken your kids in for a checkup? Stop procrastinating!

Have parents that need a Chiropractor? Keep encouraging them!

Need help finding a chiropractor? Email us!

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