A Simple 2-Minute Daily Routine To Improve And Maintain Your Shoulders

Restoring Balance And Mobility Is The Key!


Aside from trauma and injury, shoulder pains typically stem from an imbalance and/or lack of use. Therefore, opportunity for improvement is often directly proportional to your desire to change your habits and daily routines!

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Don’t be confused by the simple nature of this routine. Often times, it is simple habits performed daily that offer the best solutions.

The 6 Movements:

  1. Arm Swings (10 count)
  2. Up – Downs (10 count)
  3. Swimmers (10 front, 10 back)
  4. Shoulder Circles -palms UP (20 front, 20 back – big circles)
  5. Shoulder Circles -palms DOWN (20 front, 20 back – big circles)
  6. Elbows In, Elbows Out (10 count)

Suggestions and Ideas:

This routine is not intended for shoulder conditions related to recent trauma or soft tissue tearing. It is best suited to address conditions related to imbalance, lack of use or repetitive stress.

  • Perform this routine 4-7 days per week (daily is ideal)
  • Always include as your pre workout warm up
  • Perform at desk or work to “reset” your biomechanics
  • Do not force any position or stretch
  • If painful, reduce range of motion and speed
  • If unable to perform, consult with a chiropractor
  • Never stretch dehydrated!
  • If you have any questions about this video, please ask a member of our Team.


The 8-Minute Full Body Flow: An Amazing Way To Lengthen Your Body And Get Your Flexibility Back

An Effective Stretching Routine Like No Other!

(the sound has been purposely removed)


I wish someone would have taught me how to do this kind of stretching 10 years ago… better late than never!

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Suggestions and Ideas:

  • Perform this routine 4-7 days per week.
  • Do not force any position or stretch.
  • Focus on timing your breathing with your movements.
  • Never stretch dehydrated!
  • If you have any questions about this video, please ask a member of our Team.



Discover The Doctors’ #1 Strategy For Improving Flexibility and Mobility

Want Your Body To Feel And Move Better Than It Does Now?

Then You Need To Learn How To Flow!

By far the most valuable fitness strategy I have discovered in the last 10 years.


Doc’s Comments:

This type of movement therapy is something my wife and I recently discovered. For the last several months we have been researching and experimenting with various methods of what is referred to as “flow”. We are hereafter referring to our version and interpretation as Flow Therapy.

8 Reasons Why We Love Flow Therapy (#8 is my favorite)

  1. It is a very quick, safe and convenient way to stretch
  2. It doesn’t just stretch you, it strengthens and conditions simultaneously
  3. It helped us with old, chronic injuries when other methods failed
  4. It helps us recover from strenuous exercise and daily activities
  5. It helped us achieve that “next level” in personal fitness
  6. It can be either a warm-up, cool down, or workout all by itself
  7. It makes stretching more fun and interesting
  8. It gives us more confidence in our ability to age optimally

What’s Next?

We are working on simple routines and programs, from beginner to advanced. We hope to release these videos online within the next 60-90 days (just in time for New Year resolutions). So, stay tuned!

Until then, try some of the movements in the video above. We recommend doing 5-10 repetitions per side.

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Flow Breakdown

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  2. Up Pigeon
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  4. Lunge Transition
  5. Spinal Twist 3-Ways


  • Repeat Flow 5-10 times
  • Hold each position for only one breath
  • Do not force any stretch or position
  • Let your body loosen up as you progress